This course is suitable for all woman that want to practice yoga with their babies from 6 weeks after childbirth. It will help you restore, energise and strengthen your body, while caring for your baby. 
The warm atmosphere of the room allows you and your baby to feel free to breastfeed, take a break, or simply return to each other, without any pressure to be on the mat at all times. 
The focus of the class shifts from you to your baby, when it is needed. You will learn massage techniques, playful movements with your baby and guided/safe moves for their fragile bodies.

Increase levels of mental and physical energy.
Manage tiredness, anxiety and stress to improve your body's milk production.
Learn to divide your attention between your baby and yourself in a balanced way. 

LET`S SHINE STUDIO, Geitmyrsveien 7, 1st floor, 0171 Oslo

 Ingrid Londono Wright 

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"Even if we are apparently fully present in mothering at the physical level, babies will respond to a conscious  re-direction of an absent minded breath pattern. The most attentive physical interaction with a baby... will be enhanced by bringing attention to the breath."  - Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

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