This course is for women in their second trimester of pregnancy. Classes are dynamic and powerful, yet gentle. Recommended for women that have had experience with yoga or some form of fitness before their pregnancy, and are feeling healthy, energetic and mobile. The course will focus on building physical-mental stability and strength. 

Reduce risk of complications during the birth of your baby. 
Learn techniques to manage pain, control anger, and reduce anxiety.
Learn to practice yoga safely while pregnant to build strength and flexibility in equal measure.

LET´S SHINE STUDIO, Geitmyrsveien 7, 1st floor, 0171 Oslo.

Ingrid Londono Wright 
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Experiencing movement and its positive effects in a woman's body in preparation for childbirth, empowers women to own their bodies, and their individual birthing experience.   - Carmen Barona Vilar, perinatal physician.

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