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This course has been developed for pregnant women in their first and third trimesters with no previous yoga experience. It is recommended for women in their second trimester as well with low energy levels. Each class will be filled with gentle and nurturing movements for you and your little one. Perfect to warm you up and help you get rid of stiffness and aches stored in your body. You will be assisted to practice yoga according to your particular needs and abilities.

Reduce risk of complications during birth. 
Learn techniques to manage anxiety, stress, and pain.
Learn to practice yoga safely while pregnant to build strength and flexibility in equal measure.

VITAL OSLO, Waldemar Thranes gate 5, 2nd floor, 0171 Oslo.

Ingrid Londono Wright 
To finalise your booking please let me know your details and name of the class you have booked ​​​​​​​
"A woman who gives not only her time, but her full intention to transform herself  into a force for the uplift of her circle of influence, is a great blessing...".  - Mukunda Stiles

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