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This course is developed for those that have already practiced yoga in the past.  You may want to re-start your practice, refine it, or simply continue it on a weekly basis. Six (90 min) classes that include warm ups, slow-mindful flow practice, restoration, and guided meditation. Each class will have a different focus determined by the practice of the group and individual needs. 

PRESENCE YOGA, Rosenborggata 16B, 0356 Oslo. 

Ingrid Londono Wright
To finalise your booking please let me know your details and name of the class you have booked ​​​​​​​
"When I come across a posture I ask myself,  how do I have to shift physically, mentally, and in my heart to be able to do that? I want to be able to do a posture because it will require transformation on all levels."  - Darren Rhodes

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